Small Group

At the beginning of 2022, we rolled out a new Small Group model to best accommodate our church family. As we grow as a Faith Family and a church, we must always look at ways to meet the needs of our faith family and community, and that starts with doing discipleship right!

We’ve broken Small Group into two seasons that will span across the entire year. The first half is split into two 12-week-long seasons with a week’s break between them and a church-wide get-together before we restart for the next season. Last year’s church-wide  events some worship nights, a cookout, a game show, and this year we have some other things planned that you don’t want to miss! Small Group now has 2 available classes: Wednesday Evening and Sunday Morning. There is even a Sunday Morning Student Ministry option (Middle-High School) that your kids can get involved in while you’re in Small Group. All Small Group classes will meet at the church.

As we kick off 2023, we’ll be doing a 12-week Men’s and Women’s class split. The men will be going through the Better Man bible study, and the women will be going through the Sermon On The Mount bible study. Let’s take a look at what this looks like:

Wednesday 6:30 pm Small Group – led by Pastor Ryan and Debbie Wyatt

Sunday 8:30 am Small Group – led by Dean Hayes and Holly Hayes

There’s a place for you in Small Group, come and find life with purpose. Use the links below to sign-up for the new season of Small Group!


Sunday Morning Women's Small GroupSunday Morning Men's Small Group