Small Group

Starting January 5th we’ve rolled out a new Small Group model to best accommodate our church family. As we grow as a Faith Family and a church, we must always look at ways to meet the needs of our faith family and community, and that starts with doing discipleship right!


We’ve broken Small Group into four quarters that will span across the entire year. Each quarter is 10 weeks long with a couple weeks broken in between. Small Group will have 4 available classes: (1) Wednesday Night, (1) Sunday Morning, and (2) Sunday Night, with the Sunday Night classes being off campus and limited to 16 people.


During the first quarter of Small Group, we will be going over The Chosen Bible Study and The Art of Marriage. Let’s take a look at what this looks like:

Wednesday 6:30pm Small Group – The Chosen led by Pastor Ryan and Pastor Dom

Sunday 8:45am Small Group – The Chosen led by Jacob and Carol Constantin

Sunday 6:30pm Small Group – The Chosen led by Neal O’Brien at the homes of Neal and Veronica O’Brien and Sherri Hutchison

Sunday 6:30pm Small Group – The Art of Marriage led by Dink and Dapheny Hilley at the home of Drew and Amy Bouchillon and Chuck and Carrie East


Currently there are a few openings left in the Sunday 6:30 The Chosen class, and the Wednesday PM The Chosen class is open and welcome to all who want to join. There’s a place for you in Small Group, come and find life with purpose.