To view Channel 2 News video one year after the fire click here.

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Published by Fox 5 News Feb 15, 2015

annv61“Members of a Covington church say they are heartbroken after flames destroyed their sanctuary early Sunday morning. Police tell FOX 5 a motorist noticed flames coming from the roof, of Church 213, around 5 in the morning.  By that time, it was too late.  The building is now a jumbled heap of metal and ash. Investigators said the structure is a total loss. About sixty families gathered at the building every Sunday, and they were in the process of raising money for a new building. The cause remains under investigation.” To view Channel 2 News video of their one year review of the fire click here. Also click here for the Fox 5 News cast on the the one year anniversary. For the video done right after the fire on the damage,2/15, click here.  fire

The Lord has been good to us at Church 213. Since the fire a 13k foot steel frame building has been given to us and a local company has outfitted our offices with furniture. There have been other gifts but the giving needs to continue! We broke ground in November of 2015, pictured above and we moved into our new building in October of 2016, pictured below!