Mission & Purpose Statement

Our mission is based on Philippians 2:13: “For it is God who works in you to will and to act according to His good purpose.” Thus we provide an opportunity for all people within reach of the Church facility to experience life with purpose by:

  • Presenting the Gospel and welcoming people to faith in Jesus.
  • Equipping believers through God’s Word via discipleship and leadership training.’
  • Provide opportunities to serve in Jesus’ Name.

A Church of Hope and Purpose, Church 213 is a body of Christ followers that…

  • Honors the Lord our God and his work in our lives
  • Leads people to salvation through the Lord Jesus
  • Empowers Christians to mature as disciples of Jesus
  • Openly confesses that Jesus is Lord of lords and King of kings
  • Purposefully strives to grow in favor with God and men
  • Expects God to “…will and to act for His good purposes in our lives.”

Adventures with Jesus at Church 213 include:

  • Dynamic worship
  • Loving fellowship
  • Exciting Small groups
  • Leadership development
  • Empowered outreach


  • Faith in Jesus Christ as the only way to salvation and eternal life.
  • God’s Purposes in our lives as a driving force for daily living.
  • Worship in Spirit and in Truth.
  • Respect for all people as those God loves.
  • Bible reading and teaching as God’s method of personal and corporate transformation.
  • Small Groups to enable Christ Followers to experience discipleship.
  • Outreach as God’s plan of reaching the world for Christ.
  • Spiritual Gifts as God’s method of enabling the Body of Christ to fulfill its purpose.
  • Excellence in everything God calls us to do.
  • Grow the membership by continuing to reach all people for the Kingdom of God.
  • A Southern Baptist Church and member of the Stone Mountain Association